The Positive Bean Videos
We have set up a Patreon page. This will be the only place to find up-to-date Positive Bean content and support us as artists in a challenging world for the arts. After 3 years of live classes and live shows, we were about to spend 2020 touring our new live show. Instead of that we're putting all of our ideas and artistry into this Patreon. You've got Simmy with her 20 years experience of touring with Stomp, teaching theory of music and classical piano, and teaching music and movement all over the world. You've got Jasper with his experience with live performance, music production and film making. Together, with their joint experience as the parents of two beautiful girls are going to produce an exciting, visually and musically entertaining platform for children and their parents. • We are producing our version of a kids tv show, The Positive Bean Show, which will be released once a month. • We will be revisiting our popular bedtime lullaby videos with the hope of producing a bedtime lullaby album. • We will be writing and releasing albums which as a Patreon member, you will see and have an input in the entire process of the album being created. • We will be opening up the Positive Bean vault and you'll have a chance to listen to and watch our unreleased music and videos. • You will have early access to all of our social media content including youtube videos. • You will have early access to all of our live show updates including any ticket sales. • Simmy's podcast M.W.A Mothers With Attitude, will be released here first, and you will have the opportunity to have your say. The more support we have, the more we can produce and the more time we can spend producing it! Thanks everybody! Peace and Positivity! Simmy & Jasper